Landscape Architecture Conceptual Gardens
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"It's all about character. We're driven to create sanctuaries. It's about being. Being in space with the absence of information. It's reductive, not additive. Less noise. We have no interest in the sale of products. We're not selling anything. We create space just for the chance to feel; to become more aware by connecting to a specific place. It's like music, (but without the musician's need to sell the music). Once the space is created, our presence is ghostly. We're present, but elsewhere. While there is a certain continuum to the work, we merge with the client for each project to form a separate entity. When the relationship is good, it's great. We can make magic happen. There's nothing cosmetic about it; it's a spiritual thing. Looking at space to make space is the same as loving being alive. We have a deep respect for good clients that allow us to do this."
Excerpt: TTT Lecture, University College Cork, Ireland 2015

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