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Beach Steps, Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland | (2017 - 2021)
(status | built)
Howth, Jimi Shields, TTT thirtythreetrees,

A private access route to a beach on the north side of the Howth peninsula, Dublin. A 1m high hedge (Eleagnus x ebbingei) hides the route from inside, so it is discovered when exploring the garden. A bench on the stepped route allows the clients to enjoy views towards Ireland's Eye. Erigen "Sea Breeze" and Armeria maritima hug the side of the steps. TTT were involved in the project from planning through to construction. Materials: Sand blasted cast in situ concrete, gravel, powder coated steel, painted hardwood, lighting and seaside planting. Special thanks to clients and Grafton Architects. Photos: TTT