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Catalogue Presentation The European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2017. Date: May 25 2017. Place: Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona

Launch for the catalogue of works nominated for the present 2017 edition. "The compilation provides a panorama of architecture in Europe from the past two years. This is the sum of all fragments of architecture, urban fabrics, cities and territories. A wide architectural sample of sizes, materials and unique strategies that share being European. Classification organises this great group of works, in order to understand them. The catalogue is divided into two complementary volumes: “The Compilation” and “The Jury Selection”.

The Compilation contains the complete set of nominated works. Drawings, photographs and information are organised into three parts: Uses, Places and People. Plan drawings are ordered according to programme; Photographs according to city and country while The index is ordered according to authors. This gives three different ways of finding a work.