Thirtythreetrees Ltd.
77 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
D02 DH22

T +353 (0)1 507 9161

(status | built)
Jimi Shields, TTT thirtythreetrees,

A board marked concrete structure stands like a table, or ship in a bottle, 90mm from the house, a protected Georgian structure. The client, a film maker, requested a “conspiratorial space”. Accessing the first floor terrace, one steps out to a perforated steel deck, in the canopy of a tree. Structural beams are expressed in the terrace surface, with benches situated for sun and view. Planting is made level with the terrace by sunken pits and suspended steel planter. A sample of the Querini Stampalia tile work features on the back wall, sourced from the Orsoni furnace. The ground floor courtyard features an alternating pattern of red brick and stone paving, and extends into the Winter Garden. Perforated steel gates repeat this pattern. Design Team: J Shields, principal designer. M Vlahos, plant spec. F Hayes, project mgmt. L Edden, structural engineer. M Grigor, client. Built by M.J. Duncan & Sons.

RIAI Irish Architecture Awards, Highly Commended 2021 - (Courtyard & Terrace featured)