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Merrion Square Park, Dublin 2
(status | published 2013)_available at RIAI Bookshop
Jimi Shields, Merrion Square, TTT thirtythreetrees

ISBN 978-0-9567493-7-6
A VIEW FROM THE MERRION SQUARE INNOVATION NETWORK. Book by J. Shields on behalf of the Merrion Square Innovation Network, enabled by Failte Ireland. Text and images provide a design brief for Merrion Square Park, including a proposed new café building, (with gallery). The proposed café building will play a role in consolidating a collective identity for the cultural institutes and businesses around Merrion Square. The report provided stakeholder basis for general Dublin City Council renovations on the park. 137mm x 200mm x 76 pages. Design by TTT + Distinctive Repetition

European Commission Twenty Best Practice Case Studies, 2013