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TTT update | December 2019

01. Merrion Square: Grigor of Merrion Square, structure nears completion (preview below left & centre)
02. Merrion Square: Statuario Michelangelo marble and Venetian Orsoni tiles delivered
03. RIAI Annual Review, Vol 8: Marconi Station at Derrigimlagh, featured
04. Thornhill House: TTT commissioned for grounds to new residential development
05. Glasson Lakehouse: TTT commissioned for tree planting at Glasson Golf Club
06. Irish Stock Exchange: Abacus façade complete. ISE moved in. (preview below right)
07. Ballsbridge: TTT working on site for new bicycle café
08. Madrid: TTT welcome new TTT member, Clara Sanchez Garcia
09. Architecture Ireland, Issue 308:13-18 City Quay featured