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Dublin 2
D02 DH22

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TTT update | July 2021

01. RIAI Awards 2021, Irish Stock Exchange Highly Commended (Abacus façade featured)
02. RIAI Awards 2021, Merrion Square Townhouse Highly Commended (Courtyard & Terrace featured)
03. Harvard University: J Shields Panel Guest, Core 2 Studio Review
04. University of Pennsylvania: TTT welcome Irene Choi for summer internship
05. CAT-TWO: On the way - as part of TTT communal space for residential project (preview below)
06. Alexandra College: TTT appointed to implement landscape design for school dorm
07. Clerys Quarter: Consultations ongoing with Dublin City Council for renovation of public street
08. Thornhill House: Residential project granted planning permission
09. EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture 2022, Nomination for Goethe Institut (Courtyard featured)