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TTT update | June 2019

01. RIAI Awards 2019: Goethe-Institut, Winner Reuse and Refurbishment, (Courtyard by TTT)
02. RIAI Awards 2019: 13-18 City Quay, Winner, Office. (Plaza by TTT)
03. Merrion Square: 2 x storey garden structure by TTT for private residence now onsite
04. Irish Stock Exchange: 15m high "abacus façade" by TTT, now onsite
05. Rutland Street School: Multi use community hub lodged for Part 8 Planning
06. Samuel Beckett Civic Campus: Phase 2 (Landscape) at Pre-Tender
07. Killeen Glebe: Family Memorial Garden in stud farm, completed. (Preview below)
08. Alexandra College: Phase 2 with new quad by TTT, granted planning permission.
09. RHA Annual Exhibition 2019: Marconi project work exhibited