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Dublin 2
D02 DH22

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TTT update | September 2019

01. Saul School of Architecture: TTT to present Lecture on recent work, Elevations to the Sky, 15.10.19
02. Open House Dublin 2019: Goethe-Institut featured (Courtyard by TTT)
03. Merrion Square:"Scarpa Flow": 2 storey concrete structure under construction
04. Howth House: House by Grafton Architects, gardens by TTT, under construction (preview below)
05. Culture Night: Goethe-Institut hosting events and featured at RIAI Awards Exhibition
06. Rutland Street School: Park for Multi use community hub at Pre-Tender
07. Trees: Protect on every job and plant as many more as you can
08. Flood Plain Parkland: preparation of planning drawings in progress
09. RIAI Awards Exhibition:City Quay and Geothe-Institut featured